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The BTE Group (Bouw Toeleveringsindustrie Europa) consists of eight precast concrete companies and one concrete technology centre, each with their own specialities. Thanks to this diversity, BTE is active in 95% of all construction sectors in Western Europe. This is our power of combination. Yet, that is not all – this power includes so much more. For instance, the aspect of knowledge is vital for our organisation; in fact, it drives it. Thanks to mutual inspiration, development of knowledge and sharing insights – call it cross-pollination, if you will – we proved successful to our clients, which include major and smaller market parties. Hence, BTE continues to proactively anticipate the changing economic and social needs of the market.

BTE makes well-considered choices and does so with respect for People and Planet, all the while taking into account that Profit is vitally important for the company's continuity. In terms of our business operations, we are critical of our own actions and our environment. We strive for the recurrence of safety and sustainability in each of our business units, whether it regards production, raw material extraction, HRM policy or logistics. In short, caring for people and the environment matters greatly to BTE. Providing services expertly for our clients, in every respect, is a basic principle for BTE. After all, they put their faith in us and thus ensure our existence. This makes them a part of the power of combination. 

As stated, the BTE Group consists of eight concrete companies. These eight companies focus on the production of prefabricated concrete products, such as balconies, piles, bridges and sewer systems. Via strong, leading brands, such as: Romein Beton, Kemper, De Hamer, Lodewikus, De Meteoor Rail, Stelcon, Gelissen Beton and Vebo Beton & Staal, the BTE Groep plays a meaningful role in the construction market in not only the Netherlands, but also the rest of Europe.

The BTE Group employs over 750 people across various locations. The BTE Groep is subsidiary of the Adriaan van Erk Groep.

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Striving for a sustainable world together

We are aware of our role and responsibility to help protect the planet and keep it liveable.

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Working in a safe world together

We are constantly working on improving safety, based on our conviction that “we work safely or not at all”.

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