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The quality of knowledge is the base of success. Sharing and thus increasing and distributing knowledge is characteristic of the BTE Group and is of immense value. As such, BTE and its employees take up a distinguishing role in the market. BTE is a source of knowledge in the field of prefab concrete products, concrete production, concrete technology, engineering and market developments. The companies in the group have extensive experience in their professional field and know the wishes of their market segments. Various companies in the group have been active for over 60 years. BTE uses the knowledge of the entire group for the customers of the separate BTE companies. BTE brings people together. Knowledge in all professional areas is exchanged and focuses on the best solution for our customer.


BTE has a special position within the Dutch construction industry in terms of concrete technology. With ASCEM, the BTE Group has a knowledge centre that offers significant added value to the BTE companies in terms of concrete technology. ASCEM designs optimum concrete mixes for the different products taking into account sustainability, lifetime, production process and production rate. ASCEM gathers all concrete technology knowledge and uses it at all production locations via its concrete technologists. This is very broad knowledge as well, because the production methods, mould techniques and applied concrete types can strongly differ between locations. Bundling knowledge leads to optimisation of concrete technology processes. Research and any application of new materials take place on the basis of the scientific approach offered by ASCEM. ASCEM has an extensive laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment and experts in various professional fields.

BTE Academy

BTE pays a lot of attention to sharing best practices: sharing experience with each other and increasing the knowledge of employees. Especially for the latter, we established the BTE Academy. The BTE Academy provides numerous internal training courses for all employees. Thus, personal development is linked to growth at job position level. The courses are provided both by co-workers and third parties. The courses are about a range of disciplines and focus on skills, product knowledge and processes. This way, knowledge is shared and increased.

Some examples of the available courses:

  • Reading plans
  • MS Office
  • Basic knowledge concrete professional
  • Concrete technology

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