Kemper is well-known as the retaining wall specialist. Solution-oriented, reliable, innovative and efficient.
Over the more than 80 years of Kemper’s existence, they have achieved more than just improvements to retaining walls; today, in 2017 , the company offers comprehensive solutions for civil engineering and the agricultural market. ‘Grounds design based on experience’, in other words. For each site layout issue, Kemper can provide a comprehensive solution. Kemper is part of BTE Nederland B.V.

Romein Beton

Romein Beton is a leading partner for precast concrete products that are used in civil engineering and industry. They engineer, produce and assemble traditionally reinforced and prestressed concrete constructions. These include bridges and viaducts, culverts, reinforced ground constructions and precast concrete tunnels, but also (sound) barriers, and specific or oversized precast concrete elements. Romein Beton is part of BTE Nederland B.V.


As a specialist in prestressed concrete, Lodewikus is a well-known name in the foundation market. The company focuses on the supply of precast concrete piles in the Netherlands and Belgium. Lodewikus is part of BTE Nederland B.V.

Vebo Beton & Staal

Vebo Beton & Staal from Bunschoten (established in 1956) is the ultimate leader in the Dutch market of high-quality (decorative) concrete and metal products, which are principally used in residential and commercial construction. The precast concrete products and supporting steel products by Vebo offer many possibilities for individually designed architecture. Vebo Beton & Staal is part of BTE Nederland B.V.

De Meteoor

De Meteoor stands for premium ready-made precast concrete products for heavy and light rail and infrastructure projects. De Meteoor offers innovative solutions for many rail projects. The company supplies its materials in Western Europe (including the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic). De Meteoor is part of BTE Nederland B.V.

De Hamer

Concrete industry De Hamer is service- and solution-oriented and a leader in precast sewage systems and pavements. De Hamer contributes to creating a more sustainable society through developing and supplying innovative concrete solutions. As well as a broad range of products, De Hamer supplies well-known brands such as Wascon® washed concrete tiles, Aqua Mensurastone®, VoegStone®, SilenTone®, Permeo pipes, Colum pipes® and MetroMax® drill pipes. Concrete industry De Hamer is part of BTE Nederland B.V.


Steenhuis Beton specialises in the production of concrete stairs and landings. With its own brazing shop, model making shop, foundry, and engineering department, Steenhuis delivers quality and can respond flexibly to different requirements and delivery times.


Stelcon® concrete products have become a household name. And rightly so. Some concrete ground surfacing created by Stelcon have been fulfilling their function for decades now, to complete customer satisfaction. This is only possible thanks to Stelcon’s attention to detail in their production of concrete commercial surfacing. Durable, flexible in use, for each load and practically maintenance-free. There really is only one original Stelcon surfacing solution. Stelcon by De Meteoor is part of BTE Nederland B.V.

BTE stelcon Handel GmbH

BTE stelcon Handel GmbH is a subsidiary company of BTE Stelcon Deutschland GmbH and as such, is also part of the BTE Group.

BTE stelcon Handel GmbH brings products by the Dutch sister companies - producers of high-quality precast concrete - to the German market through direct sales. Expert advice and responsiveness to clients’ wishes are safeguarded as a result of close collaboration with our exclusive partners. It is our goal to achieve the best solutions together with our clients.

We offer a wide range of products, including - for example - precast concrete products for heavy and light rail and infrastructure projects, retaining walls, commercial floor slabs, precast concrete for residential and commercial construction, and beams for the construction of bridges and culverts.

BTE Stelcon DE

Since 1919, BTE Stelcon GmbH has been the number one company in heavy duty surfacing materials. We have been part of the BTE Group since 2004.

Our products are suitable for varied industrial solutions as well as for modern landscape architecture. As an authorised contract partner of the Deutsche Bahn AG, we supply rail transition systems and products for the environmental protection of storage/transhipment sites and hazardous areas. We also develop complete, customised systems for companies that manage parking garages and public transport companies (tram, metro).

We offer our clients ‘more than just concrete’.