A first in the Netherlands: Permeoblocks® with sealed base by BTE company De Hamer

A first in the Netherlands: Permeoblocks® with sealed base by BTE company De Hamer

In Beneden Leeuwen, municipality of West Maas en Waal, contractor Mouwrik Waardenburg installed Permeoblocks® with a sealed base. A first in the Netherlands! The Permeoblocks have been placed in the road's axis; the asphalt was subsequently placed against it.

The Permeoblocks are an alternative to traditional ducts and gully tops and transport, filtrate and drain rainwater. The Permeoblocks can be used on the surface. The system is a great solution for the municipal designers and administrators. The Permeoblocks are strong and easy to clean. Thanks to the system's simplicity, the costs for both installation and maintenance are low. It is a massive improvement of the public space.


New type of Permeoblocks

BTE company ‘De Hamer’, inventor of the Permeoblocks, provides 1130 Permeoblocks for the plan 'Reconstructie Beatrixstraat'. Contrary to the standard De Hamer Permeoblocks, these Permeoblocks have a sealed base. The Permeoblocks are connected to the storm water drain via the different inspection blocks (Permeopipes). A sealed base was opted for, because the municipality wishes to transport the rainwater to the storm water drain, which subsequently ends up in a waterway.

The municipality of West Maas en Waal is enthusiastic about the new Permeoblocks. Johan van Rhijn, work planner for civil works and supervisor feels the Permeoblock 'fits in nicely in the centre of the asphalt road, looks composed and the Permeoblock does not cause any noise or vibration nuisance'. He calls it an 'innovative application for draining rainwater'. Another benefit of using the Permeoblock is that it does not require the use of gully tops.

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