BTE offers its employees a pleasant challenging and, above all, safe working environment. We constantly work on increasing safety and do so based on a clear vision: 'We work safely or not at all.' Naturally, we strive towards a zero accident rate when performing our activities. To this end, we constantly point out improving our conduct to each other in order to increase safety. One minor moment of carelessness could lead to major consequences, after all.

Basic principles

The foundation for our safety policy is based on the following basic principles:

  • We strive towards a zero accident and absence rate during the performance of our activities.
  • We comply with Dutch safety and labour legislation.
  • We register and report accidents within the group.
  • We regularly have specially trained employees perform safety audits.
  • At BTE level, there is an annual safety plan. The actions following from this plan are initiated throughout the group.
  • There is an intensive safety programme for which permanent training and awareness is an important theme.
  • Employees are encouraged to report hazardous situations. These reports are automatically used to initiate an improvement action.

Within BTE, there is the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment department, or QHSE for short. This department is responsible for the uniform formation, management and monitoring of the safety and working conditions policy. Our QHSE department develops training programmes, toolboxes, campaigns, etc. to further improve safety. The execution of the safety policy is the primary responsibility of the BTE line management and upper management.

A lack of information provision, personal protective equipment and safety measures would be inexcusable. By optimally facilitating these matters, BTE constantly aims to improve the attitude and conduct towards safety. For instance, BTE obligates itself to provide adequate training programmes in the field of safety for, among others, supervisors. All employees will attend a number of safety meetings every year.

Accidents and incidents at the BTE branches are registered carefully and consistently. This allows us to initiate focused improvement actions via reports and analyses. At the production locations, we include our suppliers and external parties in our safety policy and at construction sites, our employees comply with the regulations.

The QHSE department performs a so-called safety scan at least once a year in order to test and ensure the efficacy of the safety policy. The results are reported and discussed during the management meeting. Uniform management reviews are performed for all BTE branches. To this end, line management will provide upper management and the QHSE department with sufficient information.

The active focus on working safely leads to a reduction of accident-related sickness absence thanks to the reduction of accidents, near-accidents and hazardous situations. Every year, the quantitative goals are determined across the whole of BTE.

BTE Safety Rules

In the context of a safety campaign, BTE drew up eight golden safety rules. These are also the themes of the toolboxes provided at all BTE locations. These rules are:
1. I comply with the safety regulations 
2. I confront my colleague regarding unsafe conduct
3. I always report incidents
4. I think before I act
5. I respect installed safety facilities
6. I always wear the prescribed PPE
7. I never walk underneath a load
8. I keep my workspace clean and tidy

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