BTE is aware of its role and responsibility to keep the planet habitable and protected. That is why we take responsibility by limiting the negative effects of our business activities as much as possible. BTE makes conscious decisions to come to a balance between People, Planet and Profit. Various initiatives were started based on the three Ps, including the Working Conditions, Quality, Environmental and Safety Policies.

Throughout the years, sustainability has become a concept encompassing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), environment, ecology and future-oriented thinking. Sustainability is often described on the P for Planet.


BTE linked the topics of sustainability, quality and quality labels to the 'P' for Planet; they are presented below.

1. Sustainability

BTE wants to burden the environment as little as possible. To this end, we take various measures in terms of sustainability. Our aim is to reach balance between ecological, economic and social interests. To realise this, BTE, among other things, works with strategic environmental goals. 

Under the heading of sustainability, BTE also looks at the lifetimeand quality of the produced product, in addition to the environmental impact of the production of these concrete products. The topics of circular economy, resources, CO2 reduction, LCA and MKI provisions, waste and various quality labels are discussed. 

Below, you can read more about our measures and initiatives per topic with respect to the environment.

BTE is involved in chain initiatives in the area of sustainability. Everyone in the chain learns from each other by organising meetings and taking part in the initiative passively and actively.

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